When this was a prison…

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA – I did make a promise to never take photos at Tuol Sleng or Cheoung Ek, the sites of so much horror during the reign of the Khmer Rouge (one of many similar sites scattered all around the country). Sometimes you just have to get the shot. I can’t explain my change of heart. But I still don’t think I’ve sold out the memory of the 3 million Cambodians who died due to the policies of Angkar, the government of Democratic Kampuchea.

Therefore, I offer the following shots without further comment.

4 thoughts on “When this was a prison…

  1. Those are amazing sites. I was in Cambodia for the first (and only) time about 2 years ago. When we got there the cab driver immediately asked us what we were planning to do there and we said “Go to the genocide memorials”. He flew into a rage about that being the only thing that people wanted to see in Phnom Penh. I asked him what he would recommend doing and he paused for a minute and then said “The genocide memorials are nice.”

    What a country!

  2. Hi Mike. Yep, I’ve just kicked off my third visit to Cambodia, and its gonna be a long-term stay this time. The more I seem to find out, the less I seem to know. I love it here, it’s amazing and confounding and humbling and educational.

  3. Nice- how are you financing it? I’m a fairly recent US layoff casualty and have thought about Asia a lot (especially since Year of Living Dangerously and Killing Fields just made it through my Netflix). I’ve thought about doing ESL but have heard horror stories about Vietnam and Cambodia… Not to mention the unfortunate food poisoning I got in Siem Reap.

  4. It’s a self-funded expedition so far (with a quick side-jaunt to the troubles in Bangkok right now), but I’m hoping to pick up some writing work at some point so I can stay for as long as I can. Sorry to hear about the layoff… but I reckon you should go for it. ESL in Cambodia at least is a great experience, so I’ve heard.

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