Near the place where Captain James Cook first set foot on Australian soil in 1770.

It’s a nice area on the southern shore of Botany Bay, isolated enough for it to be easy to pretend you’re nowhere near Sydney. There’s almost a small coastal town vibe to Kurnell even though it’s only 22 kilometers from the city centre.

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Photo 14-04-13 13 42 06

(I’ve also noted from these images how badly my camera needs a clean…)

Chilling (literally) in the Cambodia Highlands

SEN MONOROM, CAMBODIA – 800 meters above sea level, in Mondulkiri province, it’s noticeably less warm and humid than the more inhabited and visited lowlands of Cambodia. The air is fresh, and refreshingly crisp.

However, a dose of the flu and some very unpredictable weather has meant that I’ve not been able to get into the jungle or take as many photos as I would’ve liked. But I’ve been enjoying the relaxed vibe of Sen Monorom, the provincial capitol. And it’s nice to not be perspiring all the time.