Relaxing By the Mekong (again)

As I said when I went on my first walk around Kampong Cham yesterday, “Another day, another new favourite Cambodian town.”

Kampong Cham is Cambodia’s third-largest town and lies beside the Mekong River.

The town still manages to maintain a certain rural charm.

Many of the French Colonial buildings seem to have been kept with some integrity, lacking the more modern adornments (eg. huge billboards) that seem to be bolted on in other towns. Although some of the buildings could do with some attention.

Relaxing In The Northeast

KRATIE, CAMBODIA – for the first time in a long time, I’ve travelled to a town that is not familiar to me. This has resulted in the traveller feeling surrounding me once more. It’s a sensation I didn’t even realise I missed.

As much as I love all the places I’ve been to in Cambodia, it’s refreshing to arrive in a new town without knowing too much about it.

My bus ride from Siem Reap to Kampong Cham was not a lot of fun due to a massive overindulgence of Crown Beer the night before (self-inflicted, no sympathy for the devil, etc., but to refuse the hospitality of Sophol and his friends would’ve been impolite) and a very crowded share taxi from Kampong Cham. Nine people in a Camry does not make for a comfortable trip. Fortunately, it didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

Duly ensconced in a guesthouse across from the market, I fuelled up on one of the tastiest full English breakfasts I’d ever had (even though it was about four in the arvo), had a quick shower and then strolled about town with my camera.

Kratie sits on the eastern bank of the Mekong River. I figured that I’d be able to get some good sunset shots over the water.

This is a lovely peaceful town, very low-key, with a few foreigners. But Siem Reap it definitely ain’t. This was illustrated by the fact that I’ve been able to go for a walk around town twice and not once was I asked for a tuktuk/moto ride. I can see myself spending quite a bit of time here, but alas, it will have to be later. The clock is ticking and I have to reluctantly be moving on.