Quiet City

As of writing, Sydney hasn’t gone into full lockdown due to Covid-19, but it has become a lot more quiet as many businesses close as a preventative measure. The CBD wasn’t as empty as I was expecting, but it was noticeably less crowded.

20200327_114455_NIKON D7000

Social distancing guidelines on the floor of my local café.

20200327_122000_NIKON D7000

Martin Place at 12:20. Usually a lot busier than this.

20200327_122343_NIKON D7000

Lunchers outside the GPO building in Martin Place.

20200327_124426_NIKON D7000

New measures for pedestrians.

20200327_124608_NIKON D7000

Park and George Streets.

20200327_124845_NIKON D7000

Sydney Town Hall steps. A popular rendezvous point, now virtually empty.

20200327_125906_NIKON D7000

20200327_130149_NIKON D7000

The gates to Chinatown on Dixon Street.

20200327_130212_NIKON D7000

An eerily quiet Dixon Street.

20200327_130330_NIKON D7000

This place usually has a queue of around 15 to 20 people, waiting for cream puffs. Today, only one.

20200327_132457_NIKON D7000

Safe distance.

20200327_133216_NIKON D7000